Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meetings are usually held at 7:00pm at the Town Offices on the third Wednesday of January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October and November.  All meetings are open to the public.  For any date changes, please check the calendar on the Library website at

February Minutes

Crossfield Municipal Library Board Meeting
February 8, 2017
Location: Town Council Chambers
In attendance: Lorea Anderson, Janice Graham, Lisa McNeil, Brenda Rosvick, and Jo Tennant
Guest: Karen Postill
Called to order: 7:04 pm
Lisa requested to add the Policy and Bylaws Review to the meeting
MOTION by Brenda to accept amended Agenda, VOTES all in favour
MOTION by Brenda to accept January Minutes, VOTES all in favour
Chamber of Commerce
-          received $1800 donation from the golf tournament back in the summer
-          photo of presentation taken for the Rocky View Weekly
-          Karen is asking for an updated on the progress
o   Lorea will let Karen know next time they’ll be headed to the building so she can come along to see
Karen left the meeting at 7:13 pm
Discussion on Assigning Duties
-          tabled until March meeting
Town Council
-          Town is covering costs of heating the new building until we take over the space
-          we paid the deposit on the account and will get that back in a year
-          Golden Key rental of community hall taken care of
Library Annual Report
-          more people and computer users through 2016 may be due to economic downturn
-          we should consider posting out meeting minutes and year-end financials to the website for transparency to the community
Librarian’s Report
-          will ask Rita (cleaners) if they would be interested in shovelling the walk
-          MOTION by Jo to offer $20 per shovelling event to clear the sidewalk at the library, VOTES all in favour
Future Wages
-          CIP grant may cover some
-          this may work better in our second year in the new building where we have more information for matching funds
-          Brenda mentioned that since Town website was revised the library information needs to be updated on program dates and volunteer opportunities
Treasurer Report
-          now that we received the funds from the golf tournament it can be entered to 2016 financials
-          net loss will be less than $4000 for the year
2017 Budget
-          depleting building reserve and AGLS funds
-          this includes an extra 20 hrs/wk for wages starting June 1
-          estimate an increase of 1.5X for utilities and cleaning for the new space
-          need $5000 in fundraising to balance the higher expenses
-          Programs budget is $2560 short as FCSS/Rec Board don’t cover summer reading
-          MOTION by Janice to pass 2017 budget in principle, VOTES all in favour
Policy and Bylaws
-          Policy: added Junior Programming Assistant position and updated duties of Library Manager
-          Bylaws: reviewed, no revisions at this time
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.  Next meeting will be on March 8, 2017.
Submitted Reports
Librarian’s Report  submitted by Lorea Anderson
Number of books (Jan)                                   2653 (264 more than Dec)
Number of patrons (Jan)                                   815 (306 more than Dec)
Number of computer users (Jan)                      108 (27 more than Dec)
Number of memberships sold to date             1117
Physical Facilities Volunteer needed
Still needed
Book Fair
I will be attending this month’s book fair February 27 and 28th and will be out of the office.
Annual Report
In summary:
-          167 fewer Board volunteer hours
-          4.5 more staff hours paid for
-          Same number of volunteers, 209.5 fewer volunteer hours
-          862 more items in collection (mostly because individual magazine issues were counted this year)
-          341 fewer items circulated (includes e-books)
-          829 more items borrowed through inter-library loan
-          338 fewer items loaned through inter-library loan
-          866 more in-person visits
-          22 fewer programs offered, 268 fewer attendees
-          2 fewer library awareness events held, 181 fewer people reached
-          71 more active card holders
-          428 more computer users
Programs Report submitted by Janice Graham
Nothing to report at this time
Treasurer’s Report submitted by Brenda Rosvick
Here is the financial report
-          2016 year-end: after adjusting for what the lottery grants paid for we have a deficit of $5044.50. The biggest item was Wages which was under budgeted as I did not include MERCs (mandatory employer costs - vacation pay, EI, CPP, WCB)
-          2017 Jan - on budget
-          sent the year end letter to the Rec Board for the $2990 spent on Storyhour wages 
2017 Budget
-           budget uses up all of Building Reserve, CFEP and CIP lottery grant funding on the new library & materials
-          budgeted $15K for 2017 from the December casino
-          increased Donations & Fundraising to balance the budget
-          added SRP to programs 
-          will ask Rec Board for $5K to cover more of Storyhour; then FCSS can cover more for GYR and Youth programs 
-          added $10k in wages as of June 1
-          increased utilities by 1/2, janitor doubling, as of June 1
-          QE II storage is done by end of March, will see if the items can be moved to basement of new building or elsewhere until the actual move