Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meetings are usually held at 7:00pm at the Crossfield Municipal Library on the third Wednesday of January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October and November.  All meetings are open to the public, and the most recent approved meeting minutes will be posted here.  (Previous meeting's minutes can be viewed in person at the Library).  For any date changes, please check the calendar on the Library website at the top of the right hand column.
Crossfield Municipal Library Board Meeting
May 16, 2018
Location: Library Board Room
In attendance: Lorea Anderson, Ken Gosling, Janice Graham, Lisa McNeil, Glenn ‘Shorty’ Price
and Brenda Rosvick
Absent: Jo Tennant
Called to order: 7:00 pm
Brenda would like to add three-month review for Delaney
MOTION by Ken to accept amended Agenda, VOTES all in favour
MOTION by Brenda to accept April Minutes, VOTES all in favour
Weekend Room Rentals
-          we need to revisit options
-          have to cover costs for having staff available onsite and/or on call
-          we will increase rental fees and damage deposit
-          need to add fees for things like table cloths to cover time spent after the event
Pete Knight Days
-          June 9, theme is “Back to Our Roots”
-          we will close the library that day
-          we will pay wages for Laura and Delaney for that day and they’ll walk in the parade for us
Farmer’s Market
-          we’ll check with Norma at Town about coordinating with her at a Town table
-          will need to update brochures to indicate that we now have room rentals
Delaney’s Review
-          we are past the period for a three-month review
-          Lorea doesn’t work the same shifts as Delaney, so will coordinate with Laura (for training purposes) on doing a staff review before the end of June
Librarian’s Report
-          Lorea has to work with the banks on having room rental damage deposit holds released from credit card companies
-          we have received a bill from Golden Key for January rent, will pass along to Jo to deal with
-          there are a couple dressers and some tables left in the C-can that we can get rid of, we’ll try to sell
Treasurer’s Report
-          Brenda will work on the budget so we can bring Laura in for extra hours to do training on the manager position duties
-          we will start charging membership fees again effective July 1
-          Letter from AUMA with a Certificate of Insurance for the new Terrorism and Cyber Liability Insurance
Meeting adjourned at 8:28 pm.  Next meeting will be on June 20, 2018, starting with a potluck dinner at 6 pm.
Email from Lorea:
This weekend’s room rental was extremely problematic, and we need to look at making some major adjustments to our room rental policies/fees.  First of all, Ken basically had to be on-call for the entire day (Saturday), and he had had plans to travel to BC for the weekend.  It started with the renters (from Calgary) giving out the key to the local caterers without being there to supervise them.  Then the caterers got stuck in the lift and they had to call Ken to come and rescue them.  There were over 100 people at the event (post-funeral gathering) and the kids were running around both floors throwing balls at walls and windows, completely unsupervised.  Ken remained the entire time and was able to speak to the parents to curb their kids, but the renters were otherwise engaged.
Option 1:  We restrict room rentals to open library hours ONLY
Option 2:  We must increase the room rental rate to cover the cost of a staff member having to be present the entire time – and that is making the assumption that we can find a staff member who is interested in taking those hours.
Submitted Reports
Librarian’s Reportsubmitted by Lorea Anderson
Number of books (Apr)                                  3322    (138 less than Mar)    
Number of patrons (Apr)                                1828    (109 less than Mar)
Number of computer users (Apr)                      120    (10 more than Mar)
Number of memberships sold to May 10/18    790 unexpired memberships
Email addresses for newsletters:  162 (last month 156)
Suggestion Box
“More dollar books”
Room Usage Statistics
December:  13 (Staff 1, Programs 6, Community 2, Chamber 4, Commercial 0)
January:  22 (Staff 1, Programs 11, Community 6, Chamber 4, Commercial 0)
February:  36 (Staff 2, Programs 16, Community 11, Chamber 6, Commercial 1)
March:  32 (Staff 2, Programs 15, Community 11, Chamber 2, Commercial 2)
April:  31 (Staff 1, Programs 21, Community 7, Chamber 1, Commercial 1)
Financial Literacy Classes
Despite reportedly excellent presenters, these classes have been poorly attended.
Adult Book Club and Robotics Club
Have been cancelled due to lack of interest.
Chairs from the ATB
Janice was kind enough to pick up some chairs donated to the Library by the Airdrie ATB, and they have been set up in Room Three and make it a much more usable space. I have drafted a thank you letter to be signed and sent.
Reading Tails
We are on track for starting our new reading therapy program June 7th with local SPCA trained Burnese mountain dog Gia and her handler Andrea. They will be at the Library (fireside chairs) Thursdays from 4 to 6 pm to meet with kids who have registered and scheduled 20 minute appointments. I am awaiting copies all of Gia and Andrea’s accreditations/certifications from the Red Deer SPCA, where they trained. They are insured.
Kindergarten Open House
Ken will be attending on May 24th and our volunteer Rebecca has agreed to wear her Garfield mascot outfit to draw a little bit of attention.
Treasurer’s Reportsubmitted by Brenda Rosvick
-          Notes are in the statements