Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meetings are usually held at 7:00pm at the Crossfield Municipal Library on the third Wednesday of January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October and November.  All meetings are open to the public, and the most recent approved meeting minutes will be posted here.  (Previous meeting's minutes can be viewed in person at the Library).  For any date changes, please check the calendar on the Library website at the top of the right hand column.

January 20, 2017 Minutes - Approved
Crossfield Municipal Library Board Meeting
January 20, 2018
Location: Library Board Room
In attendance: Lorea Anderson, Ken Gosling, Janice Graham, Lisa McNeil, Brenda Rosvick, and Jo Tennant
Absent: Val Palmer
Called to order: 10:04 am
MOTION by Janice to accept Agenda, VOTES all in favour
MOTION by Ken to accept November 1 and November 22 Minutes, VOTES all in favour
2018 Budget
-          about $90,000 from Town, an increase in appropriation
-          this is allocated $18,513 for the Marigold requisition and $71,000 for operations
-          MOTION by Ken to approve 2018 budget in principle, awaiting final confirmation on Town appropriation, VOTES all in favour
-          Brenda will be sure to keep a list with Lorea on budget items since we’ll be much more tight on funds
Summer Reading
-          Lorea did confirm with TD that we will do the summer reading program so they will send materials
-          this may be dependent on us getting FCSS funding
-          will look for a coordinator if we get the funds
Adult Book Club
-          looking for a leader as Barb Code has decided to step down
-          will be bringing it back to the library instead of continuing at the lodge
Acknowledging Donations
-          Ramona donated money that we used for the children’s program
-          maybe we have a poster up while the program is on and then it’s kept in a binder afterwards
-          will keep dates on the donations and keep it anonymous if donors want
-          we need to get going on the donor wall soon as the grant is due soon
-          Lorea has been in conversation with Mark Lang about how this could be set up
-          MOTION by Janice for Lorea to confirm with Mark on the design of this donor wall, VOTES all in favour
Public Art Displays
-          considering offering local artists a space to display their work
-          the general expectation is that we would pay the artists
-          we have no funds to do this, so we would not continue with this plan unless the artists are willing to do this for free
-          maybe there will be items from the historical society archives that could work on shelves and walls
-          consider student art from the schools to display
o   Janice will check into this
Sponsorship of Items/Events
-          this came about in wanting to ask Ramone at the drugstore to sponsor the water for the water feature
-          or consider having a business sponsor the meeting rooms for a month, we’ll promote and advertise this in exchange, and they get a tax receipt
-          Jo will do a presentation at the Chamber to get some feedback
Community Use
-          some grants were set up as community use space
-          will consider allowing community groups some storage space in the basement
o   it will need to be in lockable filing cabinets that the groups need to supply themselves
-          will need to draft a user agreement for this
-          may need some clarification on “ownership responsibility” between Library and Town for use of the building and who is responsible
Librarian’s Report
-          RISE equipment, second set to be installed this week
-          old shelving still in old space
o   since there are people interested in the old space something will need to be done with the shelves
o   either the school needs to be responsible for storing them or we have to find the space
o   we don’t need to worry about this as Town has taken over responsibility for that space now
-          Andrea Hill with a certified therapy dog is offering to have a reluctant reader program
o   Lorea to investigate this and work with the school on this program
o   we may need to have a policy for having this program because there will be animals onsite
-          panic button
o   software was installed on Wednesday
o   this only works from a computer and only calls town bylaw officer or RCMP
o   Lorea has asked all staff to keep their mobile phone with them as they move around the building
-          30-minute computer limit
o   not an issue with people complaining or overbooking
o   can extend time limit if no one else is waiting
o   kids didn’t like it and now they haven’t been coming as much
-          Ken will take on recruiting, scheduling, duties, etc. for volunteers
-          Val Palmer sent an email to Jo resigning from the Board as she feels she does not have the time to commit
o   MOTION by Janice to accept her resignation, VOTES all in favour
-          Letter from Marigold on the IT Policy that replaces the IT Service Agreement
-          Marigold Report newsletter
-          2018 Calendar for Marigold meetings
Meeting adjourned at 12:05 pm.  Next meeting will be on February 21, 2018.
From Brenda at November 22 meeting
An item for the January agenda, but something for all to think about: Sponsorship
-          Ken was going to ask the drugstore if they would donate the water for the fountain.  I asked him to hold off on that idea until the idea of sponsorship is fully explored.  We could do a "sponsorship drive" to see if we could find other business' as well to cover some costs. We would need to put a cost to things, to include in a letter. So not only the water, but costs for beverage centers, printing and stationery, postage, magazines, programs, specifics like the laptop counter we want Mark to build, etc. Please think of business' from Town that would make a good fit to any of the Expense categories in our budget.
Submitted Reports
Programs Report
-          February 6 Growing Young Readers starting a six-week program
o   11 parents with 14 kids
o   focus in this program is on the parents learning skills
-          sales from decorations, bookmarks and Ramona’s donation going to the Children’s Program
-          FCSS to Council on January 23 for approval
Librarian’s Reportsubmitted by Lorea Anderson
Number of books                    Nov - 3036 (995 more than Oct)      Dec - 2895 (141 less than Nov)
Number of patrons                  Nov - 1364 (378 more than Oct)      Dec - 1263 (101 less than Nov)
Number of computer users     Nov - 100 (6 less than Oct)              Dec - 80 (20 less than Nov)
Number of memberships sold to January 15/18 - 719 unexpired memberships
(Since Oct 16/17:  148 renewals, 139 new memberships.  Of the 139 new members, 97 are active and have taken 804 items out)
Email addresses for newsletters:  133
Suggestion Box
“Please put colored dots on Movies/TV displaying the genre.  That would make it so much easier to pick out a movie that your in the mood for!!!  That would be cool!”
“More books for 10 to 14 year old”
Room Usage Statistics
November:  21  (Staff 4, Programs 12, Community 3, Chamber 2, Commercial 0)
December:  13 (Staff 1, Programs 6, Community 2, Chamber 4, Commercial 0)
The result of our inventory concluded January 2018 indicates that since our last full inventory (at the time we joined Marigold in January of 2013) the following items have gone “missing”, to the approximate value of $2500.00.
Category                     #Lost
Adult DVD                 8
Adult Fiction               36
Adult Non-Fiction      17
Paperbacks                  18
Junior DVD                2
Junior Non-Fiction      5
Junior Fiction              14
Easy (Picture)              22
Young Adult               1
Treasurer’s Reportsubmitted by Brenda Rosvick
1) Dec Income Statement - nothing outside budget.  Town will repay us the gas/power costs from opening until Jan 4 when the doors were finally fixed.
2) Balance Sheet - it notes $22,115.32 net income for the year, which will be put forward to 2018 for salaries and for final items for the building.
3) YTD income statement - I noted the items that were quite lower or higher than budgeted.
4) Excel copy of YTD Income Statement - shows the breakdown for Donations/Fundraising/Board/Other, along with the items still to come before 2017 can be finalized.
5) 2018 budget & Programs budget - ready to be approved.  Programs budget - Laura will assist with Storyhour on days with no entertainers, and Karen's Supplies budget will be reduced to cover the cost.
Other items:
> I was able to pull up a YTD report for Interac > for 2017, the Total received by debit/credit is $3,526.91, and the Total expense to library for using the machine is $121.49.
> The CFEP lottery grant from 2015 is now finished and has been emailed
> The 2018 budget also has a column for items for possible sponsorship.  Should we work on getting a campaign of some sort going?