The library is open to the public, feel free to come in and browse, read to your children or use the internet.

Room Rentals
Non-commercial use of library meeting rooms during regular library hours is free.  For non-commercial use outside of regular hours, there is a nominal fee and damage deposit required.
Commercial use of meeting rooms is done for a fee, and a damage deposit is required.   See details below:
            Room Rental (per4 hour period):     Non-commercial use             Commercial use
                                                                                   (after hours)                           (any time)
                Room 1 (Board Room)                           $  20.00                                  $40.00 
                Room 2 (8 people)                                  $  15.00                                  $30.00 
                Room 3 (6 people)                                  $  10.00                                  $20.00 
                Room 4 (Multi-purpose)                         $  30.00                                  $60.00 
      All rentals include access to the upstairs kitchenette and such tables and chairs as are available at the time. 
If you have specific furniture needs, or mobility needs and must have access to the lift, please make sure to state them at the time of booking.
                      Additional Equipment for rental (per event):
                     TV / DVD                       $25.00
                     Sound System             $25.00
Damage Deposit: (after hours use)                         Resident               Non-Resident       
                Room 1 (Board Room)                                $100.00                         $250.00          
                Room 2 (8 people)                                        $  50.00                         $100.00          
                Room 3 (6 people)                                        $  50.00                         $100.00          
                Room 4 (Multi-purpose)                               $150.00                         $500.00          
(The damage deposit is due and cashed or authorized against credit card at time of booking.  The full amount is released upon satisfactory inspection of room rented, no later than 3 business days after the event. Cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice will result in the withholding of a $25.00 cancellation fee from the deposit.  The damage deposit for multiple dates booked is released after the conclusion of the last event.)

Early Years, Early Learning Lending Program
The library has a large selection of toys, games and puzzles for pre-school aged children to aid in their development of reading, classification and number skills.  These items are loaned out on a three-week basis.
Tablets for Preschoolers
We have a limited number of tablets, pre-loaded with applications designed to aid preschoolers in the development of literacy skills.  Tablets circulate for one week.
Fax and Photocopying
Photocopier : $0.50 per black and white copy,  $1.00 per colour copy
Computer Printer :  $0.25 per b/w page  $.50 per colour page    (printing double-sided counts as two pages)
Fax :   $1.00 per page incoming or outgoing
Book Sale(ongoing)
Paperbacks and ALL Easy/Junior/Youth books    $1.00
Adult Hardcover   $2.00
DVDs                     $1.00
Blu-rays                 $2.00
DVD/CD Repair
$2.50 per disc
Bring in anything scratched or unplayable, and we will do our best to get it working again for you!